😷 COVID-19 Message to Members (Archive)

The following message was sent to Members of Faith Lutheran Church via Postal Mail March 2020. It has been archived, and since several months have passed, is no longer up-to-date.

Faith Lutheran Church Members:

As we are all keeping social distance these days and living day by day as to further instruction regarding COVID-19 and any easing of restrictions, the church would like to keep its members informed as best we can. On March 16, 2020, Faith decided to close for two weeks. In keeping with this; however, we realize that we may need to remain closed beyond this time frame.

We would encourage members to visit our Website: www.natronafaith.org as a continued source of information. James Waltenbaugh will be updating the site anytime we have information to let you know about including our hopeful return to services and activities.

Pastor Bob is working on a way to possibly broadcast services in the meantime. Please stay tuned to our website for more information on this as well. Now, more than ever, I’m sure many of us wish we could gather at our beautiful, peaceful church to connect with God and feel reassured of our future.

Faith still has monthly expenses to keep up with and we would like to ask that you please mail contributions, even donations as you are able, to the church office as our monthly bills will continue to accumulate. Money will be collected and deposited timely. The church office address is:

1500 Broadview Blvd., Natrona Heights, PA 15065.

On behalf of Faith Lutheran Church,
Pastor Bob Keplinger