The Property Committee typically meets on the second Tuesday every month, and is comprised of several members who are experienced in general maintenance. From simple paint jobs to handicap access, they help keep our building in order.

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Property Committee Report – September 2021 Newsletter
By Elaine Sakaluk

The new vinyl flooring was completed on August 5th We are now purchasing new chairs for the fellowship Hall. Stop down and see the new floor and chairs. Our next project is the chimney removal. Mike Sakaluk negotiated a new bid from T.D. Brick pointing for $19,000. We will be moving forward on starting this project soon. There are many other small jobs that need to be addressed. The dividers in the fellowship hall need to be removed because of a ceiling/track issue. The fellowship hall needs some plaster work and painted, and we have a serious issue with the brick sidewalk coming out of the Idaho Avenue door and on the corner of Idaho Ave and Broadview Blvd. If you can help with these projects, your service would be deeply appreciated. A special thank you to everyone who has been donating to these projects. Please contact Jim McCurdy for more information.

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Property Committee Report – June 2021 Newsletter
By Elaine Sakaluk

The property committee met on Wednesday, June 9th at 6:30pm at Faith. If you would like to share your time, talents and treasures with Faith and help cut costs for minor repairs, please contact Mike Rusnock. Jim McCurdy, Rich Scherba, and James Waltenbaugh installed a new 4 ft. LED light in the lounge. All the 8 ft. fluorescent lights need replaced in the lounge. The property committee will purchase and need help installing the rest of these LED lights.

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Property Committee Report – May 2021 Newsletter
By Elaine Sakaluk

? The sink in the sanctuary was leaking. Mike Sakaluk replaced the washers on both the hot and cold-water faucet.
? Mike Sakaluk repaired the broken socket and bulb over the Altar Cross. Thank you to Mike for repairing the sink and socket.
? We received a report of termites in the kitchen sink. An inspection was done, and the bugs were not termites but sewer flies. Because we are not using the sinks and sewers the traps are drying out and the flies can enter the kitchen. I have notified the Sexton to put hot/bleach water in the drains and sewer once a week.
? A bid was received for the plasterwork from McClelland Plastering. The cost will be in the range of $4600 to $6250. This bid was given because of the condition of the walls and area.
? When Dan was inspecting the plaster, more was chipping and peeling off. He is not sure how much more will need to be removed once he starts scraping the damaged area. This was sent to Mike Rusnock, Michele Ligus, James Waltenbaugh, and Libby Grimm council officers.
? A bid was received from Power Pros for the electrical work needed to install three ceiling fans in the lounge, nursery, and front Sunday school room. This bid was $2163. I have also forwarded this bid to the council officers for discussion at the April council meeting.
? I still have two projects that need attention. The chimney removal and the kitchen/fellowship hall flooring. Any donation toward these projects is deeply appreciated.
? The sink in the ladies bathroom, right side was leaking. The knobs needed replaced. Mike Sakaluk purchased new knobs and replaced them. Thank You to Mike for his service. The eight-foot fluorescent tubes that were stored in the boiler room were checked. These were to be replacement tubes for the lights in the lounge and nursery. All were burnt out. Mike and Elaine disposed of them.

Thank you to Rick Scherba and James Waltenbaugh for their help.

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Property Committee Report – April 2021 Newsletter
By Elaine Sakaluk

I attended the council meeting on Tues, March 16th, and was given permission to get the following bids:

1️⃣ Plaster repair to the walls and areas that were damaged when the mold was remediated. I will be meeting with Dan on Saturday, March 20th at noon to discuss what needs to be done to repair the walls and ceiling in the hall so we can move forward with the painting.

2️⃣ Mike and I met with an electrician on Thursday, March 18 at 8 am to talk about installing a new line for the ceiling fans needed. Ron took measurements and talked about using the fuse box in the lounge area to run the fans. We need three ceiling fans to cover the area of the lounge, nursery, and front Sunday school room.

I have also inquired about the Chimney Project and the Floor Project. Mike Rusnock was to contact Libby Grimm, Treasurer to help move forward with these projects. A motion was made and accepted by the council to pay off the bathroom loan and apply for another loan from Lutheran Church Extension Society Loan.

Rich Scherba looked at this electrical work and recommended I have a licensed electrician advise us on how to install the extra line for the fans. James Waltenbaugh has agreed to help me with the Property Committee.

Thank You