9:00 AM at Faith Lutheran Church
9:00 AM Live Streamed on Facebook
10:45 AM at Trinity Lutheran Church – Freeport

5:00 PM at Trinity Lutheran Church – Freeport

Practice safe health habits and please stay home if you are not feeling well.

There is currently Communion at every Sunday Worship Service.

Worship Services at Faith Lutheran Church will be Live Streamed on Facebook. Watch Worship Service Videos from previous Sundays on our Facebook Page. 
Watch Worship Service Videos on our Facebook Page

If you are unable to make it to our Worship Services at Faith Lutheran Church, donations can be mailed to our address.

1500 Broadview Boulevard
Natrona Heights, PA 15065

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Faith Lutheran Church publishes a Newsletter every month. For many years, these Newsletters were distributed by “Snail Mail” to our members and friends of Faith. Due to a recent increase in the cost of sending bulk mail, it has been decided that we will no longer be mailing our Newsletters. March 2024 will be our last Newsletter distributed by “Snail Mail”. Instead, they will be available for pickup at Church, available here on our website, or emailed to our Subscribers. To have our Newsletter sent to your Inbox, click the link below…

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If you are unable to pickup at Church, unable access our website, or unable receive emails, please call the Church Office. We will make an exception and continue to send you a copy of the Newsletter by “Snail Mail”.

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Faith Lutheran Church remains busy after Sunday Worship Services every week. These events typically start after the Service has ended around 10:00 AM.

Join us in the Fellowship Hall, after Sunday Worship, for a Social Hour of Coffee and Donuts.

Sunday School and Confirmation Class.

Volunteering at Faith Lutheran church is a great way to give back to the community and share your gifted talent by helping others. It can also be a rewarding experience that allows you to meet new people and make new friends. Here are some opportunities to get involved at Faith Lutheran Church. We are looking for someone to handle the Treasury position. It is roughly 10 hours a week. If you would like information on the duties that will be required, please contact David Gilkey or Cyndi Arnold. The end of 2023 will see several… Read Article →

Everyone is welcome to get involved with our Prayer Chain. If you are interested in joining our Prayer Chain or know someone who needs prayers, call the Prayer Chain Coordinator, Martha Keller. Her phone number is published in our Church Directory. You can also submit a Prayer Request using our Online Prayer Request Form. Submit A Prayer Request  Or Call Martha Keller During these challenging times, we still want to be able to pray for our church family. To help ease this process into the future, we are working with Trinity Lutheran Church – Freeport,… Read Article →

Faith Lutheran Church has its own clothing store to help with the needs of our local community. If you have questions, would like to help, or donate items, contact Pat McCurdy or the Church Office.

Open every Wednesday, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Open every First Saturday of the Month, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Check out Becky's Closet on Facebook

In Memory of Rebecca McCurdy-Beck

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