Christian Education

I am a Child of God

Our children enjoy Sunday School Lessons, Crafts, Barbara’s Children’s Sermons, carrying Sacraments to the Altar and Acolyte participation.

June 2021 Report

We will now formally have combined meetings with Evangelism. We have been functioning together for a while.
We plan to restart Sunday school classes in September 2021 with confirmation also.
Rally day will be September 12th. We are hoping to have our pancake and sausage breakfast.

Here is a summary of what we did in 2019…

January: The children helped take down Christmas Decoration in the Sanctuary. Nursing Home: The children often crafted gifts for Platinum Ridge Nursing Home of Brackenridge.

Shrove Tuesday: March 5th. Children participated as palms were burned for Ash Wednesday.

Lent: During the Season of Lent, Children colored “Alleluias”

Good Friday: The Youth presented The Passion Story, “The Way of the Cross”. Trinity Lutheran Church of Freeport was invited to Good Friday Service.

Graduation: June 2nd. A celebration was held to honor Ariana Clark for graduating High School.

Confirmation: June 9th. D’Mario Liles, Koffa Gibson, and Cash Wyble were Confirmed.

Rally Day: September 8th. Children decorated concrete blocks on display outside all year. Everyone was invited to cut out doves to be displayed in the hallway

Family Advent Night: November 24th. Adults decorated the Sanctuary while children made decorations for the Christmas tree in the Fellowship Hall.

Fourth Sunday of Advent: December 20th. 4 Sunday School children sang “Away in a Manger”

Pre-School – 6th Grade: 3 Teachers worked together with the average attendance of 4-8 weekly.

Confirmation Class: 4 Students are currently in Confirmation.

Adult Class: June-December was social hour. Mary Lou Beck will be teaching the class as of January 2020.

Sunday School Staff as of 2019

Teachers: Angela Poster, Michele Ligus, and Paul Ligus
Confirmation: Rich Scherba
Superintendent: Dave Konopisos
Chairperson: Maureen Waltenbaugh

A Special Thanks to all our Christian Education Staff and our Children at Faith.